The Station Fire Memorial Foundation Announces Groundbreaking

The parcel of property located at 211 Cowesett Avenue has been the site of a makeshift memorial for more than ten years. Last September, Mr. Raymond Villanova deeded the property to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that has long been working toward the building of a permanent memorial to honor the victims and survivors of the tragic Station Nightclub fire that took place on that property in February of 2003.

In February of this year, the design plans for the Station Fire Memorial Park were unveiled to the public. The Station Fire Memorial Foundation would like to announce that in just a couple of weeks, construction will begin. To that end, we need to make the concerned public aware that there is a two week deadline for those who wish to remove their personal belongings from the site.

We know that many individuals have adorned and added to the original crosses that were constructed many years ago. It is our intention to take any and all remaining crosses and personal items that are on the property now and respectfully remove them ourselves. We will be placing any items that remain after September 15, 2013 in storage to be placed permanently in the time capsule portion of the Memorial Park. We feel strongly that these items that were so lovingly placed to remember so many must have a place in the permanent memorial.

Please understand that access to the property will be restricted during construction for everyone’s safety while the Memorial Park is being built. From now until September 15, 2013, access will remain unfettered.

Family members and friends of the 100 cherished people who died as a direct result of the Station Fire founded the Station Fire Memorial Foundation in June 2003. Our purpose is to ensure that our loved ones will receive a proper memorial upon the sacred ground where their lives were so tragically cut short. The Station Fire Memorial Foundation procured the land known as the Station Site on September 28, 2012 through a generous donation. It is our intent that the Foundation not only builds but maintains the Memorial site and as such, fundraising is expected to be long-term. The Foundation encourages maximum participation by affected Family members and Survivors of the tragedy.

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