’41 Signs of Hope’ to Be Sold at Barrington Books the Month of February to Benefit SFMF

February 20th of this year will mark the 14th Anniversary of the Station Nightclub fire, the fourth largest nightclub fire in U.S. history. Dave Kane, father of the youngest victim of the fire, 18 year old Nicholas O’Neill, has written a book about the many signs his family has received from Nick since his passing.

Barrington Books (Garden City and Barrington RI) and Barnes and Noble (Smithfield Crossings and Warwick, RI) will be selling the book during the month of February. All monies from the purchase of the book will go directly to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation.

41 Signs of Hope is an intriguing, moving, uplifting and inspirational account of the hundreds of inexplicable signs and messages of assurance that Nick has been sending to his family, friends and yes, even strangers, to let them know that “All is well”.

A year before his passing, Nick wrote a one act play called “They Walk Among Us.”

The play is about teenagers who have died and return as angels. There is also an award winning documentary called ’41’ about Nick’s life and the way he touched and continues to touch the hearts of so many people.

The message that ’41 Signs of Hope’ offers is that our loved ones who have passed are still with us in a very real sense. They send us signs everyday. There are no coincidences. Just as you would never leave them, they are not leaving you. You are not alone.

41 Signs of Hope was originally published in 2005 and has sold out three times since that date.

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